Our Facilities

The Yuma County Fair, Inc. takes pride in offering a safe and affordable location for all your small and very large events.  We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor venues for all your party needs!  Our smallest building is approximately 1,600 sq. ft. and our largest building is 28,000+ sq. ft.  All of our facility rentals include tables and chairs! *The Yuma County Fair, Inc. chairs are brown metal.  

Theater Building - $800

Our theatre building is the largest building on our grounds, at approximately 28,000 sq. ft. this location is perfect for graduations, roller derby, concerts, graduations, weddings, large company parties, etc. This building may accommodate 1,000+ people with tables and chairs.  We can also set up bleachers inside this facility!  This facility has a stage, two bathrooms, a surround sound system, and a water cooler.



 TheatreBldg1 Stage  Theatre building

The Beer Garden - $400

The beer garden is perfect for an outdoor event, this location has a covered area that is approximately 2,400 sq. ft. The surrounding area has various trees that provide additional shade and footage for your outdoor event.  The beer garden is perfect for various parties: family reunions, graduation parties, birthday parties, company events, weddings, quinceañeras, you name it!  The covered area, in addition to the open area, accommodates more than 500 people! 



Newcomer building – $350

Our newcomer building is approximately 2,600 sq ft. The newcomer building has a small kitchen, AC and restroom.  This building is perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, meetings, and much more.  This building accommodates any event that expects up to 65 people, with tables and chairs.  If you’re using a theatre-style setup, this building accommodates 100+ people.    


 Fine Arts Building - $250

Our fine arts building is approximately 2,200 sq ft.  The fine arts building does not have an indoor bathroom but the nearest bathroom is only a few feet away from this facility.  This building is perfect for beauty expos, small science fairs, and parties.  This building has a water cooler and accommodates up to 50 people, with tables and chairs.  If you’re using a theatre-style setup, this building accommodates up to 80-90 people. 

Security Building - $250

Our security building is approximately 1,600 sq ft. The security building has two bathrooms, AC unit and is perfect for small parties, company meetings, and more!  This building accommodates up to 40 people with tables and chairs.   



Several areas of our fairgrounds are also available for other events.  If you're looking for a large open area for outdoor activities, training, comedy shows, concerts, RV Shows, motorcycle rallies, camping, and much more! 

Open Grounds Area - $1,000

Grandstands - $1,000

Overnight Dry Camping - $20

North/South Parking Lot - $500


Overnight Limited connectivity Camping (water/electricity) - $30


Liability Insurance - available, inquire about prices. 

Security - $50/hr. (fee for up to 250 people)

Table Rentals - $2.00/each

Chair Rentals - $.50/each

Small Dumpster - $50

Private Drive-in Movie - $500 (up to 140 cars)


You can order all your party drinks directly from us!  

Domestic Keg Beer, $150/keg – Bud Lite, Bud, Coors Lite, Miller Lite, etc. 

Craft Keg Beer, $210/keg – up to 4 brands.

Wine-Copa: 12 glasses/case @ $30/case – Chardonnay, Merlot, White Zin, Riesling

Ice – 20lb bag @ $3.00 or 40lb bag @ $6.00