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1st Annual Yuma County Fair Fall Fest Category: Events

 The 1st Annual Yuma County Fair Fall Fest

Simply Awesome!

October 13th - October 16th, 2022


Excitement from beginning to end...

It's true folks, we are officially bringing back the Yuma County Fair Fall Fest!  You asked for it and we've got your back, mark your calendars now.

Fair fall fest daily schedule:

  • Thursday, October 13th, gates open at 12:00noon
    • The Demolition Derby will start at 7:00pm
  • Friday, October 14th, gates open at 12:00noon
  • Saturday, October 15th, gates open at 10:00am
  • Sunday, October 16th, gates open at 12:00noon

Act now!  Tell all your friends & family and come experience the adrenaline of the Demolition Derby.  The 1st Annual Yuma County Fair Fall Fest will feature the Carnival, outdoor exhibitors, great food and drinks, the demolition derby, live entertainment and much more!  

The Demolition Derby is on Thursday, October 13th, at 7:00 PM @ NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, that's right, you only need an entrance to the fair ticket to attend the Demolition Derby.  

This year's fall fest entrance fees:

  • Ages 12 and up - $7.00
  • Ages 6 - 11 - $5.00
  • Ages 5 and under - FREE

We are the Yuma County Fair, a "County Fair With A Desert Flair" 

SAVE MONEY!  Read More to find out how.

Pre-Sale Ride Tickets 

Pre-Sale Ride Tickets will be available to purchase on the 2nd week in September, 2022.  Follow us on FB Yuma County Fair, Inc. to be the first to find out!  The location, date and time of the sale will be posted on FB, Instagram and our Website.

Demolition Derby Rules and Registration Forms

If you are interested in entering to win at the 2022 Fair Fall Fest Demolition Derby, please complete and email us the entry form to  You still have the option to drop it off at the office.  The completed entry form is due no later than Wednesday, October 12th, by e-mail or drop it off at the office.  Our offices close at 5PM.  A link to each form is found here:

Demolition Derby Rules 

Demolition Derby Entry Form Fall 22 

Betcha can't wait to create more memories