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Yuma County Fair Scholarship

We, here at the Yuma County Fair, advocate for the pursuit of higher learning and the education of our future generations. Promoting local students has been one of our main objectives of the Yuma County Fair ever since its inception. Every year, we have the Yuma County Fair Scholarship which awards a total of $20,000 to the selected youths to further their education at numerous colleges and universities.

The Yuma County Fair understands how financially difficult these troubling times have been for the Yuma community. With the cancelation of the 68th Annual Yuma County Fair, the Yuma Fairgrounds has received a significant financial loss as many other organizations and businesses in Yuma have. With this being said, we still hold the Yuma community as our main priority and concern. The Scholarship Committee, Yuma Fair Board of Directors, Yuma Fair Commissioners, and Yuma County Fair Inc staff have decided to honor our scholarship pledge to the community and its students. This year we received an extraordinary amount of applications for our scholarship program. We had 55 community students apply and all will be awarded a scholarship to financially support their pursuit of higher learning. The pledged amount for scholarships will exceed the $ 20,000.00 budgeted, but we are pulling together to support the community and our future generation.

Supporting our community and our youth, in this concerning time, is and always will be one of our utmost priorities. The Yuma County Fair would like to thank our entire community for the support we have received, and we will keep supporting Yuma for many years to come.

Congratulations to the 2020 Yuma County Fair Scholarship:

Ricardo Avalos, Alex Marie Bernal, Jimena Casaus, Annie Compton, Madison P. Cooper, Megan Cordery, Natali Delgado, Jayden Donnelly, Kailey Faulker, Keiren Faulker, Nicole Fila, Amanda Ganser, Alysandra Gomez, McKenna Leigh Good, Madison Gray, Hannah Havins, Jackson P. Howe, Laura Hunt, Nicholas K. Johnson, Paige E. Johnson, Dru Kavoski, Emily Kissel, Ryan Lee, Esther Lopez, Daniel Luna, Aubrie Martinez, Taylor McNeece, Danielle K. Monroe, Katlyn Shea Ogram, Karen Ornelas, Saye Plaza, Jessica Padilla, Sydney Peare, Kaleah Peet, Nicole Perry, Mya Preston, Adam Raney, Genesis Razo, Colton Reese, Kiley Rico, Heidy Rios, Savannah Rush, Stockton Rush, Brianna M. Salazar, Rorrie K. Vaughan, Rylee Ann Lakey, Isabella Valencia, Paloma Valencia, Savannah Sears, Skylar Wapler, Bryanna Linda Wiley, Rileigh Wilkinson, Jaisyn c. Wolfe, Makenna Young.


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