Junior Livestock Committee

Junior Livestock Committee Member List

President - Cory Mellon,
Cell # 580-2679

Vice Pres. - Jeremy Mann,
Cell # 941-7997

Treasurer. - Mike Pasquinelli,
Cell # 928-446-4405

Office Manager - Renae Hensley, 
Cell # 210-8634


  • Billy Kennedy
  • Chase Jameson
  • Randy Bailey
  • Scott Bailey
  • Casey Berner
  • Hank Auza
  • Amy Karvoski
  • Mario Avalos
  • Mike Jorajuria
  • Howie Jorajuria
  • Dale Palmer
  • Mike Pasquinelli
  • Robby Vaughan
  • Joe Pray
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Jeremy Mann
  • Chris Liska
  • Harold Schmidgall
  • Larry Glenn
  • Jeff Ruby
  • Anthony Busellato
  • Brian Johnson
  • Bailee Ott
  • Chris Taylor
  • Renae Hensley

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    2019 Large Animal Auction Buyers

    2019 Small Animal Auction Buyers



    2019 Beef Barn Herdsmanship

    2019 Market Calf Barn Herdsmanship

    2019 JLC Work Duties

    2018-19 JLC Tag Days

    2018-19 JLC Meeting Days

   Arizona Department of Agriculture - Seasonal Pass Application 

2018-2019 Junior Livestock Committees
  • BEEFAnthony Busellato, Dale Palmer, Chris Taylor, Chris Liska, Jeff Johnson, Joe Pray

  •  PRO STEER:   Anthony Busellato, Dale Palmer, Chris Taylor, Chris Liska, Jeff Johnson, Joe Pray

  •   MARKET HOLSTEIN CALF: Jeremy Mann, Joe Pray, Dale Palmer, Bailee Ott

  •  LAMB: Hank Auza, Mike Jorajuria, Amy Karvoski, Howie Jorajuria, Chris Taylor

  •  GOAT:  Brian Johnson, Chris Liska, Amy Karvoski, Howie Jorajuria, Mike Pasquinelli

  •  SWINE: Mario Avalos, Casey Burner, Chase Jameson, Billy Kennedy, Harold Schmidgall, Robby Vaughn, Jeff Ruby, Randy Bailey, Scott Bailey

  •  CARCASS:  Robby Vaughn, Mario Avalos, Amy Karvoski

  •  DRUG TESTING:  Randy Bailey, Bailee Ott, Chase Jameson, Harold Schmidgall, Superintendent for each species.

  •   ROUND ROBIN: (secure judges and set up ring) Casey Berner, Mario Avalos, Mike Jorajuria, Chase Jameson, Dale Palmer

  •   SUPERINTENDENT is the first person listed and underlined.  Assistant is second person

  •  JUDGES:  Executive Committee

  •  SIFTING: (to secure 2 sifters) Executive Committee

  •  AWARDS: (secure sponsors for 12 top market champion trophies and banners) Larry Glenn, Chris Taylor

  •   BAR-B-Q: (purchase food, prepare buyers lunch) Dale Palmer, Cory Mellon, Anthony Busellato, Chris Liska, Joe Pray, Hank Auza

  •   BUYERS CONTACT: (update buyers list) Executive Committee

  •  AUCTIONEERS: (to secure auctioneers) Trevor Kammann

  • CLERKS & RING MEN:  Jeff Ruby, Chris Taylor

  •   RESALE: (to secure floor bids on auction animals) Mike Pasquinelli

  • MEAT PROCESSORS:  Executive Committee

  •   FACILITIES: (secure porta pots, equipment in place, etc.) Larry Glenn

  • PIG PANELS:   Randy Bailey, Scott Bailey

  •  SHOW RING SET UP: (Flags, secure shavings, etc.) Randy Bailey, Hank Auza

  •  SMALL ANIMAL:  Jim Morse, Brad Graham, Mike Pasquinelli

  •  LOADING: (Sunday afternoon) Superintendents of large stock committees

  •  STALL ASSIGNMENTS:  Superintendents of large stock committees after entry pull

  •   WORK ASSIGNMENTS: (exhibitor work duties) Executive Committee, 4-H & FFA   Advisors

  •   PUBLICITY: (to secure sponsors and take care of media) Larry Glenn, Bailee Ott

  •  FUNDRAISING: Larry Glenn

  • SECURITY: Leon Wilmont 

  •  COLLECTIONS: (to collect outstanding debts) Larry Glenn, Hank Auza, Jeff Ruby

  •   SCALE: (make arrangements for set up and calibration) Mario Avalos

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